Hardware Support

BR Tech Solutions providing the hardware and technical services to their clients including small to large offices networking, deploying the different types of the servers, security cameras installation, repairing hardware’s and setup the private networks etc.

Hardware Support Services Includes:


We are currently providing hardware support services to our local clients only.

Server Installtion, Upgradation, & Maintaince

BRTS team uses the best practices to install/upgrade the server. Our experts provider the services for different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Unix etc. In order to grow your business in the way of progress, our experts are available to assists you.

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Security Cameras Installation

BRTS know the today’s requirements and security is the basic need and requirement of every business from small to large. We are providing the best quality services for security cameras installation in cheap price plans. We are also providing the quality hardware equipment’s.

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Bio Metric and POS Devices Installation

We are providing the Bio-Metric attendance/verification-system and Point-of-Sale software installation including hardware devices to our customers for every type of business from small to medium business and large industries/companies.

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Networking Services

Our networking services includes cabling, routing, firewall configuration with best networking strategies. We are providing full-fledged networking services including wireless networking and printer installations etc.

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Office Setup & Hardware/Software Installation

BRTS provides the comprehensive and best quality services to our clients to setup the office equipment’s and devices including software installation. Our team implement the best practices to save time and money of our clients.

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Desktop-PC/Laptop Maintaince & Upgradation

We very well know the need of our clients and the systems (desktop PC and laptops) is the very basic requirement of every type of the business from small to medium and large. Our team make sure to make every system hardware working accurately and keep it updated.

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